These pictures were taken in Childwall Woods early in 1983. The first image is a rather atmospheric composition featuring my friend Rob. I created the print from 2 negatives sandwiched together. There was a certain amount of trial and error with this process. I remember trying to ‘burn in’ the section with the edge of Robs face which, I think, sits neatly in the gap between the trees. Of course you would do it all in photoshop now.

It bothers me that I cropped the first print so tightly at the top of the frame. Rob was standing at the top of a steep slope. Beyond the fence was a playing field with the late afternoon sun very low on the horizon. Although a bit cheesy, I think the picture has great shape and a bit of drama to it. Maybe it’s because Rob is making a gesture of prayer – or he could just be rubbing his hands against the cold.